Sustainability at iSQI – Committed to people and the environment

Sustainability is an important issue for iSQI. iSQI supports environmental protection with various ideas and actions and encourages all colleagues to do the same.

Green IT Certification

iSQI has been a Green IT certified company since 2021. With this, the International Software Quality Institute
commits itself to an environmentally conscious use of its resources and makes sustainable management an integral part of its business goals. For the Green IT certification, iSQI has developed a comprehensive sustainability concept that combines climate-friendly mobility, resource-saving work and sustainable partnerships.

iSQI is climate protection partner of PLANT-MY-

Climate change, drought and heat during the summer months as well as increased forest fires are aff cting
our local forests. As a climate protection partner of PLANT-MY-TREE®, iSQI is committed to reforesting forests
in Brandenburg that are under particular strain. The aim of the cooperation is to plant at least 100 trees.

iSQI supports renaturalisation in the Brandwacht Game Reserve

iSQI supports the Brandwacht Game Reserve in the regeneration of trees. By planting resilient and indigenous tree species iSQI helps the environmental protection and strengthens the local community.

Resource-conserving work

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by consciously using our working materials and digitalizing our processes. To achieve this, we issue digital certificates and badges, conduct digital certifi cation checks, and use recycled „Blue Angel“ paper. Additionally, we strive to save electricity and heating wherever possible. These measures enable us to promote sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint.

Climate-friendly mobility

We prioritize climate-friendly mobility by offering flexible and forward-thinking mobility solutions. This includes the use of electric and hybrid vehicles, support for carsharing models, providing „job bikes“ to all employees, flexible working hours and offices to reduce commuting distances, and off ering a company-owned electric scooter for short distances and spontaneous trips. Through these eff orts, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable transportation options.

Regional and sustainable partnerships

At iSQI, we believe in the importance of working with regional and sustainable partners to promote environmental and social responsibility. We prioritize partnering with service providers from the region who are typically small and young businesses that meet important sustainability standards. By doing so, we are supporting the local economy while also ensuring that our partners share our values and commitment to sustainability.

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What empty pens can achieve!

iSQI participates in the recycling project TerraCycle and collects used pens in Potsdam. Old iSQI pens don’t end up in the trash, but in a special pen box. As soon as this is full, it goes to the Potsdam collection point and from there to TerraCycle. The money from TerraCycle for the iSQI pens sent in goes to the Heartkids e.V. association, which supports people in need in India.

Bike leasing at iSQI

Every employee can lease a job bike through iSQI to ride to the office in a climate-neutral way. The iSQI team “IT-Bikes” saves 1065 kg CO2 per year! iSQI also supports the use of public transportation. Employees can use a company-owned e-scooter for appointments and errands in the city.

Enjoy coffee - sustainable!

All our employees can drink free fair trade coffee during working hours. We buy our milk from certified organic traders, and pure vegetable milk is also available. All new employees will receive a PotsPRESSO cup to start with. PotsPRESSO is an initiative of the Potsdamer citizen donation with the motto “Recycling instead of Trash”.

Save paper - and water!

4 million litres – that’s how much water iSQI saves per year by switching to recycled paper. iSQI supports the “Initiative Pro Recycling Paper” (IPR). On the way to a paper-free office, iSQI tries to use as little paper as possible. More and more customers want and receive their certificate digitally.