Supporting the Brandwacht Game Reserve

iSQI supports reforestation and the empowerment of the local community in the Brandwacht Game Reserve. Support us – with just 1 euro extra per certification you can make an important contribution to the sustainable strengthening of nature and society in South Africa.

The Brandwacht Game Reserve

In the heart of South Africa, nestled between the picturesque Outeniqua Mountains and the Indian Ocean, rises the Brandwacht Game Reserve. Since its establishment in 2018, it has set itself the goal of transforming former agricultural land into a thriving ecosystem and restoring the biodiversity of flora and fauna. Since then, this initiative has not only strengthened nature, but also the local community in a sustainable way.

Outeniqua Berge Südafrika
Fynbos Pflanze Kapregion

From abandoned farmland to thriving ecosystem

Where once there was abandoned farmland, the Brandwacht Game Reserve is now pulsating with diverse flora and fauna. Particularly striking are the fynbos plants, a group of herbaceous plants that are endemic to the Cape region of South Africa. The reserve is an impressive example of how nature can be revitalised with care and commitment. Wild animals find a home here again, former farmland is transformed into magnificent natural landscapes and indigenous plant species are strengthened.

The local community: the heart of change

At the centre of the reserve is its community. The inhabitants of the Brandwacht community, who previously had to watch as their environment deteriorated, are now active participants and witnesses to a remarkable transformation. Educational programmes, job opportunities, sustainable tourism and involvement in conservation projects are creating a strong bond between nature and community. Regional jobs have been created here since 2018 and future employment opportunities are secured through local training. 

The Brandwacht Game Reserve not only trains its own rangers and nature guides, but also offers additional employment opportunities through sustainable tourism, research work and data collection for international projects. In 2022, the Brandwacht Conservation Foundation was also founded to further promote animal and plant diversity. A recent example of its success is the successful initiative to introduce white rhinos.

Breitmaulnashorn Südafrika
iSQI unterstützt die Wiederaufforstung in Südafrika

iSQI supports renaturalisation by planting trees in the Brandwacht Game Reserve

Since 2024, iSQI has been supporting the Brandwacht Game Reserve in the regeneration of trees. By planting resilient and indigenous tree species that are adapted to the challenging conditions of drought, wind and frost, iSQI not only promotes environmental protection and restoration, but also strengthens the local community. During the planting phase, work opportunities are created for the Brandwacht community. Caring for the trees secures long-term employment and contributes to the sustainable development of the region.

Become part of the change

Help shape a sustainable future! We invite you to donate 1 euro to the tree planting project in the Brandwacht Game Reserve every time you order your certificate. iSQI is committed to doubling the donations collected and using them specifically for the tree planting initiative.  Your support plays a crucial role in building a strong ecosystem while improving the livelihoods of the local community. Every contribution counts towards a greener, more sustainable world!